Profitability, Credibility for the Optimal Implementation of PV Power Plants | Law Compilation – Permission for Conversion of Agricultural Land (3/5)


What is the Permission for Conversion of Agricultural Land?

This is based on agricultural laws.
Japan is a narrow country, and habitable land is scarce.
Moreover, on top of bearing a large population, there is competition for use of the land, and so this governmental institution was based on the reservation of fertile ground and food supply.

Basically, you cannot simply purchase agricultural land. You have to apply to convert the agricultural land for use.

Additionally, when this is for the installation of a solar energy power plant,
you cannot recklessly construct one on agricultural land.

In order to build a PV power plant, first applying for permission to build is necessary.

If you violate this, construction will be suspended, and you will receive an order to restore the land as it was.
The consequences for the individual may be up to 3 years of penal labor, and up to 300,000 yen in fines.
For a corporation, the penalties may include up to 1,000,000 yen in fines.

The conversion of agricultural land, also the rights concerning the removal or transfer of land, have to be first permitted by the Agricultural Committee at the nearest Prefectural Office.

Next time, we will be introducing the “Anti-Landslide Law.”


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